Work Study FAQs

  • Can an international student or a non-citizen apply for a work study position?
    Yes, Work Study program at AUC is open to both international and Egyptian students as long as they meet the WS eligibility criteria.

  • Why should a student join the Work Study Program?
    The Work Study Program is a good opportunity for students to network with faculty/staff and respective departments. Students will have the chance to gain hands on working experience and enhance their interpersonal and technical skills in a familiar environment. In addition to that, the work schedule is usually flexible to fit the student's schedule.

  • Can I work at multiple departments/offices during the same semester?
    Yes, as long as the total number of working hours does not exceed the allowed limit mentioned under WS hours and terms section.

  • Can I work during the summer/winter semesters?
    Yes, as long as you are enrolled and taking at least one course in either summer or winter session.

  • Can work study count for internship course?
    It is the responsibility of the student to verify with his/her respective department if the work study opportunity can count for his/her internship course based on the job description of the work study position.

  • What is the difference between work study and internship programs?
    The Work Study program avails WS opportunities that allow full-time, enrolled students to work on campus in parallel to their studies during the semester. On the other hand, the internship program avails mostly off-campus, full-time work opportunities for multiple weeks/months with companies/ organizations at their respective premises, either during the winter or summer break.

  • When can I apply for work study positions on Career Web?
    Departments start posting work study positions on CareerWEB at the beginning of each semester on a rolling basis. Each WS position is open for application for two weeks from its posting date.

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