WS Evaluation and Compensation Procedures

  • Complete the WS Student Evaluation Form on CareerWEB upon completion of your WS assignment during the following period:

        Fall Session: December 12, 2017
        Winter Session: January 24, 2018
        Spring Session: May 10, 2018
        Summer Session:July 16, 2018

  • Compensation rate per hour is determined according to student status (Graduate/Undergraduate) and the category of the Work Study position as elaborated in the below table:

    WS Assistant (G/UG) Undergraduate Students: EGP30/hour
    Graduate Students: EGP45/hour
    Academic WS - Undergraduate
    Classroom Support (UCS)
    Undergraduate Students: EGP30/hour
    WS Intern (G/UG) Undergraduate Students: EGP45/hour
    Graduate Students: EGP60/hour
    Academic WS - UG Research Intern Undergraduate Students: EGP45/hour

  • Your WS supervisor needs to complete the Department Evaluation form of your WS performance. Please note that your evaluation will cover the following areas: punctuality, interpersonal skills, quality and quantity of work, flexibility, ability to work with others, leadership, integrity and initiative taking.

Please Note:

  • Mandatory for receiving your WS payment: Completing the evaluation before the announced deadline.
  • Students will not be compensated for their work if they fail to submit the evaluation by the deadline.
  • The compensation will be given to students in cash through their personal CIB smart wallet, make sure that you have a valid one.

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