Skills and Values

Skills and values are two integral elements of self-assessment that lead to satisfying career choices. Skills often refer to your talents, aptitudes and capacity to carry out certain tasks. Values could include salary level, corporate culture, working conditions, preferred degree of autonomy and many others.

Your best skills are the ones you both do well and enjoy using. Knowing your skills will help you recognize what type of jobs to consider. You have a better chance of getting hired if you know the skills that you have and can easily market them to employers in an interview. Evaluating your proficiency in transferable functional skills can be done using a skills card sort.

The career values card sort is an interactive tool that allows you to prioritize your values, such as work-life balance, independence, and diversity. By prioritizing your values, you will be able to identify what motivates you and the areas of less importance to you, clarifying how your values relate to career options under consideration.

To help you in this process, you can use one of the following services:

  • Register in a Skills and Values workshop through your CareerWEB account | Events section | Workshops tab. Through different exercises and activities, this workshop will help participants identify their career values and motivated skills, thereby relating them to their careers of interest.
  • Schedule an individual advising session subject to the recommendation of a career advisor.

For CareerWEB first time users, please note that your workshop registration will not be processed if your profile section is not complete.