Job Search and Networking

“The major difference between successful and unsuccessful job-hunters is not some factor out there (such as a tight job-market), but the way they go about their job-hunt.”

A statement that holds so much truth to the reality of the competitive job market today even though it was said some years back by Richard Nelson Bolles a renowned author and speaker on job search who been named by career practitioners and experts as the "Father of Job Search.'

Job search is a process that involves diligent hard work, follow up, certainly some research and a pinch of creativity. Job seekers who depend solely on responding to announced vacancies are setting themselves for disappointment. Statistics show that around 25% of all available jobs are announced where as the remaining 75% constitute what we call the hidden job market. In this invisible arena, employers choose not to announce the jobs to avoid hustles of advertising and the massive applications and résumés that they get as result. Alternatively recruiters utilize more effective means of identifying and selecting talent.

If you are seeking an internship or job you have to implement an effective job search process that will tap into the hidden job market. This should involve using networking, direct contact with potential employers as well utilizing social media tools that have been a recent medium for employers to announce jobs. The recent Global Recruiting Trends report has indicated that among the top sources for finding talent are Internet Job Boards and Social Professional Networks with the latter one topping the trends in the coming 5 to 10 years.

The Career Center avails access to employers and opportunities through its bi-annual employment fair, on campus corporate recruitment and job announcements on CareerWeb, but we do not stop here. We help prepare students and alum to tap into the hidden job market through our various services.

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