Interview Preparation

A job interview is the result of a combined professional résumé and a successful job-search plan. While your résumé markets your qualifications on paper, the interview provides an excellent opportunity to market your credentials in person. During the interview, the interviewer evaluates your background, skills and potential for success in a limited period of time in order to determine if you would be a good “fit” for the organization. Since it is a two-way channel, the interview also allows you to find out more about the organization and the job, which will help you decide if you are still interested in applying for the position.

The interview is the most critical step in your job-search process. Your goal in an interview is to market/sell yourself to a prospective employer. You are the product and the employer is the consumer. It is then your goal to show how your skills, qualifications, and experience match the need of the employer. An interview is not a one-way process, however, it is a two-way channel. On one hand the employer is trying to figure out whether you fulfill the position and organization requirements and on the other hand you are trying to determine whether this position and organization suit your career requirements or not.

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