Career Planning

Effective career planning prepares students for the world of work before they graduate, and puts them on the right track as early as their freshman year during the workshop, students will complete the Career Planning Scale which will enlighten them on the career planning process.

Career Planning Scale:

This unique assessment guides students through the actual process advisors use, while increasing their career awareness and helping them make more informed decisions. It measures an individual’s strength and weaknesses in the areas of knowledge of the world of work, self-knowledge, knowledge of occupations, career decision-making, career planning, and career implementation. Students gain specific feedback about the areas they need to improve and helpful strategies for furthering their career development.

To help you in this process, you can use one of the following services:

  • Register in a Effective Career Planning workshop through your CareerWEB account | Events section | Workshops tab. Through different exercises and activities, this workshop will help participants identify their career values and motivated skills, thereby relating them to their careers of interest.
  • Schedule an individual advising session subject to the recommendation of a career advisor.

For CareerWEB first time users, please note that your workshop registration will not be processed if your profile section is not complete.