Career Development Workshops

The Career Center conducts a comprehensive series of workshops to help you develop a successful internship/job-search strategy, and develop the necessary tools to land satisfactory employment. Your active participation in the workshops will allow you to identify areas of interest and career goals, and communicate your qualifications to potential employers through résumés, cover letters and interviews. You may attend the entire series of workshops or only those that interest you. The workshop series is offered several times each semester. Prior registration is required via CareerWEB .

Self-Assessments and Career Planning

+ Effective Career Planning: A Personal Approach

Get a head start prior to graduation and prepare yourself for the world of work. The career planning scale will provide you with feedback on the stages of career planning, areas of improvement, strategies for further career development and what steps to take next.

+ Making a “Major” Decision?

Whether you are undecided on a major or a minor, or considering changing your academic discipline, this workshop will enable you to identify your level of interest and confidence in different fields of study using the College Majors Scorecard.

+ Skills and Values

Skills and values are two integral elements of self-assessment that lead to satisfying career choices. Through different exercises and activities, this workshop will help you identify your career values and motivational skills, relating them to careers of interest.

+ Your Interest and Career - Strong Interest Inventory®

Trying to choose a college major or plan a career? The Strong Interest Inventory can help in your academic and career planning by measuring your level of interest in occupational areas, as well as work and leisure activities.
Interests are compared with people who are happily employed in a variety of occupations.

+ Your Personality and Career - Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

Mix and match your personality and career through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). MBTI will enable you to discover your personality type, reveal your preferences and strengths, and relieve the pressure of career decision making..

Résumés and Cover Letters

+ Consulting Résumés

Management consulting firms are very selective and conduct a rigorous screening process for applicants. Attend this session to learn the dos and don’ts when constructing a résumé for the consulting field, and maximize your chances of getting an interview.

+ Cover Letters 101

A cover letter is essential when corresponding with an employer. While the résumé provides an overview, the cover letter highlights relevant information, skills and accomplishments. This workshop will help you prepare an effective cover letter that demonstrates your personality, characteristics and strengths.

+ High-Impact Résumés

Star résumés will open doors for you to land internship or job interviews. Attend this session to learn from the experts what makes a résumé pass the screening process and gain employers’ firsthand insight on winning résumés.

+ Résumé 101

What is a résumé? Who needs one? What information goes into it? What are some of the best résumé formats? If you have asked these questions and don’t have a résumé, then this is the perfect workshop for you. Learn how to present your skills and qualifications effectively to maximize your chances of landing an interview.

+ Résumé Review Clinic

Through this workshop, you will be able to fine-tune your résumés and get ready for the job market. You will participate in a group discussion on effective résumés and get an individual critique from résumé professionals. You are required to bring a copy of your résumé to the workshop.

Graduate Study Preparation

+ Graduate Studies: Conquer the Application Process

Are you interested in a master’s or PhD program? Not sure where to start when it comes to universities, programs or funding? This session will cover the application process and timeline, required exams and documents, funding opportunities and regional differences.

+ Personal Statement: Enhance Your Graduate Study Application

Applying for graduate studies, going on a study-abroad program or planning to do so in the near future? The most vital component of the application is the personal statement. Attend this session to learn how to set yourself apart from other applicants and give the admission committee members a glimpse of your intellectual and creative abilities (offered in the spring).

Job Search and Networking

+ Job-Search Strategies

Finding a job is a job in itself. Through this session, you will discover the techniques used in finding an internship or job and explore creative means to penetrate the hidden job market. You will learn the importance of networking and the type of correspondence used in the job search process.

+ Make a Lasting Impression at the Employment Fair

Preparing for the employment fair? Learn how to maximize your time and effort during and after the event. Gain insight on what to expect during the event, as well as how to communicate a professional image and make a good first impression. You will also receive tips on how to follow up on job leads after the event.

+ Social Networking Tactics Workshop

Social media is a powerful networking tool that can be used to enhance your job or internship search processes. Identify key skills sought by employers and learn how to maximize your Internet persona, search for organizations and generate job leads using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


+ Mock Interviews Week (by corporate professionals)

Prepare and strategize for future job interviews by putting your skills to practice through a 40-minute individual mock interview with a professional from your industry of choice. Receive feedback and interview tips, and learn how to handle tough interview questions.

+ Power Interviewing

The interview is a valuable opportunity to market your qualifications to an employer. This workshop will equip you with strategies to ace behavioral interviews, and anticipate and interpret difficult questions. You will learn how to effectively prepare for interviews and follow up.