5 Tips to the to write your Cover Letter

1. No more templates: Generally, people recommend using cover letter templates and just filling in your own information in the blanks of the already written template. If you want to have the perfect cover letter, using templates won’t really make you stand out from the crowd. The cover letter must express you as a person and be personal and creative and you must have researched the company enough and wrote about it in a way that makes them stand out from their competitors and seem unique. This is hardly something you can get out of a template!

2. Tell them who you really are: A cover letter compliments your resume and it shouldn’t be stating exactly what is on your resume. Instead, it must follow suit of the stories that you want to tell about yourself that make it seem like you’re the perfect candidate and that they shouldn’t be searching for any other fish in the sea. Your story about yourself should highlight and show off your top skills, how well you can communicate and how you are exactly what they are seeking. ”

3. Pick the appropriate tone and voice: Not every company needs the same tone or voice in the cover letter. It all depends on the position you are applying for and the employee culture of the workplace you are intending to work at. For example, the cover letter for someone applying to a legal consulting firm will be more formal than that of someone applying to a laid-back technology startup with flexible work hours and a flexible working environment. If you’re not sure of the tone and voice then go for a more conversational approach with the tone of voice being warm, pleasant and engaging as if you are having a conversation with a person you respect.

4. End it with “A Call for Action. End your cover letter with a way for the employer to reach you because it’s no secret that you want that to happen and as soon as possible. This call should be polite and open ended. You should show that you are aware of the hiring process and that you are waiting for the next step.

5. Proofread, proofread, proofread: This is an incredibly important tip because sometimes you could make a mistake that you didn’t notice and it takes another pair of eyes to pick up on that. These mistakes could make you sound unprofessional or seem careless so choose a trusted friend or family member to check the cover letter and tell you what they think of it and how you come across, as well as proofreading grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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