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AUC Recruitment Policy for Employers

The American University in Cairo (AUC) centralizes its career and recruitment services for employers seeking AUC students and alumni for full-time, part-time or temporary employment, internships, competitions or job shadowing experiences through its Career Center. To ensure a professional and productive recruitment process, the hiring organizations utilizing any of the university’s career and recruitment services are required to agree to and comply with the following university's recruitment policy terms and guidelines:

  • The university’s career services are directly provided to the employer (hiring organization); employers should have a current commercial registry, tax ID and/or valid business/operational license in the country in which they are hiring.
  • For third-party recruiters (e.g. employment agencies, search firms or contract recruiters), please refer to the relevant policy.
  • The career centers collaborates with employers – including but not limited to local and multinational companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and entrepreneurial and start up firms – to facilitate their efforts in identifying talent and recruiting potential candidates. The center provides channels for employers to communicate job/internship postings, hold on-campus recruitment events/in-class visits, participate in employment fairs, conduct job shadowing visits, and announce challenges/competitions.
  • Resumes and any other personal identifiable information that are obtained through Career Center's recruiting services/events or CareerWEB – the university’s web-based career management system, qualify as confidential information. All job candidates, whose resumes are forwarded by the Career Center to prospective employers, have provided their consent for this referral or have applied in person or in response to the company’s job vacancy announcement. The employer should maintain confidentiality of the student/alumni applicants’ information. The use of this information should be limited to members of the hiring organization who are involved in the screening, interviewing, and/or hiring process, and should not be disclosed to any other party/organization.
  • Employers need to commit to the following terms:
    • Maintain equal opportunity compliance and follow affirmative action principles throughout the recruitment process.
    • Disclose the organization’s name to AUC student/alumni candidates and provide them with employer profile and accurate information, eg. job description, salary and requirements of career opportunities.
    • Provide the employer’s contact information to the Career Center, including a key contact person, business address, website and corporate contact email address that has the company's website domain. The center will treat this information confidentially and will not communicate it to the students/alumni, unless otherwise authorized by the employer.
    • Handle the students/alumni applicant resumes, accessed through CareerWEB or other recruitment activities, confidentially.
    • Inform university’s career center and student/alumni applicants of the recruitment process and of the purpose/nature of any tests/assessments that may be required as part of the process. Maintain confidentiality of student/alumni job applicants.
  • The university and its career center facilitate the interaction between employers and its students/alumni potential job candidates, but are not responsible for the employer’s hiring procedures, selection of candidates or employment contracts. If an employer and a job candidate using the university career services enter into a dispute , they both agree to release AUC and its career center from liability for any kind of claims/damages of any kind and nature in relation to this dispute.
  • The AUC Career Center reserves the right to refrain from providing its career services to any organization, or to decline to announce or modify any job posting that is non-compliant with any of the above terms or - in its own judgment, is not in the university's best interest and its students/alumni.

Agreement: By using the university's career services - including its online career management system CareerWEB, or participating in any of the university's recruitment events, the employer agrees to the above AUC’s recruitment policy terms and guidelines. Employers that fail to abide by the above terms will be prohibited from utilizing the university’s recruitment services or participating in its future recruitment/career events. Please note that this policy is subject to change without prior notice.

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