Job Shadowing

In the Job Shadowing program, a corporate member(s) hosts a student or group of students to experience the day-to-day tasks of his/her job. The program allows students to gain exposure to various career fields and help them make a sound career decision. This process may result in a mentorship relationship that would guide the students throughout the career planning process.

Employers say

"It is a very rewarding and satisfying experience to feel that you have really contributed to the future of a younger generation. Your time becomes worthwhile and well invested."

Students say

"A great experience. I came in touch with another world; the real world. I never could have imagined how a real working day in the marketing department of a FMCGs company is or how financial analysts in brokerage firms spend their day. Now I know where I want to head with my career choice. A word of thanks to my mentors ... your time and efforts have been well invested."

If you want to become part of the Job Shadowing Program, Please visit the website