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The American University in Cairo centralizes its career and recruitment services for employers seeking AUC students and alumni for full-time, part-time or temporary employment, internships, competitions, or job shadowing experiences through its career center. The career center services are limited to enrolled AUC students studying towards a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree and alumni holding AUC academic degrees.

Coordination with Employers
To ensure continued and productive employer relations, student organizations/clubs or departments that wish to contact organizations for internships, employment opportunities, competitions, job shadowing or giving on-campus career-related sessions should coordinate their efforts with the career center. Students are required to complete the Corporate Participation in Student Activities Form and share it with the Career Center for consent prior to contacting employers.

Career Services Terms and Guidelines
By using the career center services, any AUC student/alumni user agrees to adhere to the following terms and guidelines:

Career Advising and Job Shadowing

  • To cancel a career advising appointment, you are required to communicate your apology to the Career Center 24 hours prior to the appointment through your CareerWEB account, or via e-mail/phone.
    • If you do not show up to your career advising appointment without a prior cancellation notice or apology, you will be denied access to scheduling any career advising appointments as follows: (1) First no show will result in a block for 2-weeks; (2) Second no show will result in a block for 1-month; and (3) Three or more no shows will result in a block for 3-months each time.
  • To apologize to a job shadowing visit or an appointment for a mock interview/resume critique by professionals, you are required to inform the Career Center at least 72 hours in advance via email.
    • If you sign up and do not show up for the job shadowing or the appointment without giving 72 hours apology notice, you will be placed on an automatic ban from career services for a 6-months duration.

Recruitment and Experiential Learning

  • In communicating with employers at career-related events/programs, students/alumni are expected to display business ethics and professional conduct, and provide accurate personal/academic information as required.
  • In applying to a job vacancy, internship or job shadowing experience, you have to be genuinely interested in the opportunity, research the organization and career opportunity requirements, and committed to follow through the application process, or withdraw in a professional manner before the set date.
  • If you decide to withdraw your application or reject a job/internship offer, you have to inform the employer and the career center in due time by sending an apology email to the employer, copying the career center. If you are unable to reach the employer, you may contact the career center for assistance.
  • If you take a job/internship interview appointment, you are expected to show up to the interview on time. In case of an emergency, you need to apologize via email/phone to the employer (or to the career center if the appointment is coordinated through the center) 72-hours in advance of the set appointment. Failure to apologize in advance without prior notice will result in the following:
    • You will be placed on hold and denied access to center services/events until you send an apology letter to the employer with a copy to the career center, within ten days of notification.
    • If you fail to send an apology letter within the set duration, you will be placed on hold for six months and will be required to meet with the recruitment manager to reactivate your eligibility to use career center services.
    • If you break the policy for a second time, your account will be placed on hold for a duration of six months and you will be requested to send an apology letter. If you fail to send the apology letter, you will be denied access to the career center services for one year.
  • Once you accept a job/internship offer and sign the contract, you should report to work on the set start date.
    • If you accept a job/internship and do not show up on the start date without giving a 48-hours apology notice to the employer, you will be placed on hold and will be denied access to career services for a 6-months duration.

The university and its career center facilitate the interaction between employers and its students/alumni but are not responsible for the employer’s hiring procedures, selection of candidates or employment contracts. If an employer and a job candidate using the university career services enter into a dispute, they both agree to release AUC and its career center from liability for any kind of claims/damages of any kind and nature in relation to this dispute.

Agreement: By using the university's career services - including its online career management system CareerWEB, or participating in any of the university's recruitment events, the student/alum agrees to the above AUC’s career services policy terms and guidelines. Please note that this policy is subject to change without prior notice.

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