Why Hire Interns?

How to Participate in the Program

Employers' Role


An internship can be defined as any carefully monitored work experience in which an individual has set learning goals and reflects actively on what s/he is learning throughout the experience. These learning goals may include:

  • Academic Learning - the intern can apply knowledge learnt in the classroom at the workplace.
  • Career Development - the intern gains knowledge of the job duties and required qualifications, and explores interest in the field of work.
  • Skills Development - the intern develops new skills and gains an understanding of the knowledge required in the workplace.
  • Personal Development - the intern acquires decision-making skills, applies critical thinking abilities and develops increased confidence and self-esteem.

Internships are provided through three main programs:


AUC students are available to take internships from June to August.

AUC students are available to take internships for the entire month of January.

AUC students are available to intern on a part-time or remote basis during the Fall (September to December) and Spring (February to May) semesters.


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