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AUC Spring Employment Fair, scheduled on April 4th, is canceled due to the pandemic of COVID-19 coronavirus.

AUC Employment Fair: The Region's Premier Recruiting Event

About the Employment Fair

The semi-annual Employment Fair is a one-day recruiting event that provides a forum for cultivating and developing productive relationships between AUC graduates and the corporate world. It aims at integrating employers’ recruiting needs with the skills and qualifications of AUC graduates. The Employment Fair gives participating companies an opportunity to build their image on campus among a qualified pool of AUC students and alumni.

As a leader in university career services in the Middle East, AUC initiated the Employment Fair in 1986, the first event of its kind in the region at the time. Around 70% of participating companies are returning participants, having joined at least one of the previous fairs.

Companies registered in the Employment Fair are assigned booths in the new campus. As a guide for AUCians seeking employment, the Career Center publishes an Employment Fair booklet which provides relevant information on the participating companies and the vacant positions. Corporate representatives are also encouraged to bring an ample supply of corporate material, such as brochures, annual reports, and application forms to be distributed to candidates. Interested students and alumni apply in person to company representatives at the Employment Fair or as otherwise indicated in the booklet.


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Employment Fair

The Employment Fair is NOT a public event; it is restricted to enrolled AUC students studying towards a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree and alumni holding AUC academic degrees.