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E-Resumes. Ireland, Susan. 2001. 30 minutes.
Electronic resumes are no longer a thing of the future - today many companies have an online application process. Whether you are applying to a company's website or posting your resume on an online job bank, you will need to keep up with the techniques and opportunities in the quickly changing world of electronic resumes. Since the initial screening is now done electronically, you need to learn how to increase your chances. This instructional video takes you through every step of creating and submitting an e-resume.

Interview Power. Washington, Tom. 70 minutes.
Written by internationally recognized author of career topics, this comprehensive video empowers job candidates to perform successfully in any interview situation. It reveals how to answer the most difficult questions. Through easy-to-understand demonstrations, you learn the key interviewing skills. In addition, this video includes practical interviewing tips from Microsoft & Boeing hiring managers.

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