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Preparing for the Behavior-Based Interview. Fitzwater, Terry L. fornia: Menlo Park, 2001.
This book presents suggestions on how to prepare for an interview in which you will be asked to describe your experience with tasks valued by potential employers. The book also provides tips on researching companies and making a good impression even before the interview. It aims at offering insight on how to get noticed before the interview, giving tips for interview preparation, providing coaching on how to respond to interview questions. It tells you how to ask questions that will increase your potential for job offers, and describe follow-up techniques that will enhance the interviewer's interest in you.

Resume MagicThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume. Ireland, Susan, 2nd ed.† Macmillan USA, Inc. 2000.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume by longtime resume expert Susan Ireland will help you find and take the perfect job. Even if you've been off the market for a while, been fired recently, or are just starting out from school, you can package yourself so irresistibly that you'll be working in no time. The first section helps you devise a strategy for your hunt, including giving yourself moral support, finding your strengths, and selling yourself in two pages. Next we learn how to polish and refine a resume until it describes you working in your future dream job (not you working in your dreary jobs of the past). Notes on special resumes for academics and others, cover letters that scream for attention, and a large section on using e-mail and the Web to broaden your search are significant advantages of The Complete Idiot's Guide over other resume books, and the samples provided are sure to inspire greatness.

A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market. Hansen, Katherine. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2000.
With up to 95 per cent of job openings going unadvertised, networking has become the most essential tool at a job seeker's disposal. Whether you’re looking for a first job, a new job, or a whole new career, networking reigns supreme as the best path to success. This guide teaches readers how to approach valuable new contacts with tact and poise, to effectively enlist contacts' help with their search for the right job in a step-by-step approach that works for anyone.

The Internship Bible.†Oldman,mark; Hamadeh, Samer. New York: Random House, Inc, 2001.
The 2004 Internship Bible provides information on more than 100,000 internships. It enables you to conduct a complete internship search by using the comprehensive information in its pages. The internships are for different academic levels, both in the United States and other countries, covering more than 100 different career fields. The Internship Bible also includes expert tips on how to apply to highly selective programs.

Internships 2003.† 23rd ed.† New Jersey: Thomson/Petersonís, 2003.
Interested in an international internship? If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, this guide offers you information on nearly 50,000 paid and unpaid positions in the U.S. and overseas. You will find opportunities in entertainment, broadcasting, health care, finance, and other career areas, as well as with the government, the United Nations, and non-profit volunteer groups. Included are descriptions of the internships and the available positions, eligibility requirements, benefits, contact information as well as some networking and interviewing strategies, application procedures, internship doís and doníts and insights from internship sponsors.

Internship Success. Green, Marianne Ehrlich, Chicago: VGM Career Horizons, 1997.
How can I get the best internships, and get the most out of them while I’m there? No longer worry about it. Internship success takes you through the entire internship process, from finding and applying for the best internships, to dealing with bosses and colleagues, to wrapping things up and moving on. Have your questions answered and get advice from real people who have shared what went well in their internships, and how they coped when things didn’t go well.

Best Answers to the 201 most frequently asked Interview Questions. Deluca, Matthew J. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997.
The most crucial part of your job search is responding well to the toughest job interview questions. Since the best candidate does not necessarily get the job, but it is the best interviewee that does, the preparation before an interview is very important. The author of this book reveals the secret behind every kind of question that interviewers ask and prepares you turn negatives into positives, sell yourself with style and win the interview game.

Resume MagicResume Magic. Whitcomb, Susan Britton, Indianapolis: JIST Works, 1999.
The author of this book explains how you can use simple advertising techniques to make your resume stand out above the competition. You will find out what top Human Resources Managers say is the most important resume feature theyíre looking for. In this book, more than 250 questions will help you identify your contributions to past and present employers and over 600 action verbs and sample sentences will give you fresh ideas to help you in writing.

Careers in Law. Munneke, Gary A., VGM Career Books, 1997, 2nd Edition.
Before you invest your time, money, and effort pursuing a legal career, let Careers in Law provide you with an accurate portrayal of what various specialties entail as well as tips for finding and keeping the job that's right for you. Whether your interest lies in a solo practice, corporate team, or nonprofit agency, this book will help you:
• Develop a comprehensive understanding of the legal profession throughout history
• Match your skills and personality to the law specialty that's right for you--environmental, labor, entertainment, and much more
• Assess your qualifications and create a professional game plan for success
• Prioritize your law school options and determine how to finance your education
• Familiarize yourself with current salaries, benefits, and the best job prospects

Resume MagicVGM’S Careers portraits, Electronics. Chirico, JoAnn, VGM Horizons, 1995.
From Aviation to Zoology, Electronics touch every aspect of our lives. VGM’S Careers Portraits, Electronics offers an inside view of careers in this exciting field such as electronics in power plants, medicine, communication, robotics and manufacturing, cars, buses, trains, as well as aerospace. In addition, the book provides interesting portraits of people on the job and real – life stories of different companies. Moreover, the book leaves the reader to find more about electronics in the above-mentioned careers through answering certain question.

Ferguson’s Careers In Focus, Biology. Ferguson Publishing, 2001
Opportunities in Television and Video Careers covers a range of professions, from acting to writing, and encompasses traditional as well as cutting-edge careers. It offers job seekers essential information about a variety of careers within each field and includes training and educational requirements, salary statistics, and professional and Internet resources.

Opportunities in Television and Video Careers. Noronha, Shonan, VGN, 1998.
This resourceful directory contains information on more than 6,240 contacts at 2,400 top foreign companies in the UAE. Access an elite of corporate decision-makers at leading multinational subsidiaries and joint ventures in the United Arab Emirates. Key information listed for each company includes: company name and full address and contact information, senior contact personnel, company classification by 32 major industry sectors, full description of business activity, nationality and ownership details, number of employees, establishment date and (where available) US$ sales volume, and parent head office with full contact details.

Cover Letters That Knock ‘em Dead. Yate, Martin, Bob Adams, Inc., 1992.
Does your cover letter have the right stuff to grab a hiring manager's attention and get you valuable face time with a potential employer? Martin Yate, America's leading advocate for working professionals-guides you on how to create a compelling cover letter that will land you the interviews you want.

Resume Magic101 More Best Resumes. Block & Betrus, McGraw Hill, 1999.
Land Your Dream Job with the Perfect Resume! From the authors who brought you the best-selling 101 Best Resumes, here are more of the resumes that get you the interviews that get you the jobs you want! Prepared by the top writers of the Professional Association of Resume Writers, 101 More Best Resumes offers proven advice from experts with the best track records. Bursting with helpful insights, phrases and formats that generate excitement and high-energy ways to sell yourself to employers, this essential guide gives you a wide variety of examples of outstanding resumes for every type of job, at every level of skill, and it shows you the necessary ingredients that every resume must have.

2005 US Business Directory, Egypt. US Commercial Service- The American Embassy in Cairo, 2005.
2005 US Business Directory, Egypt contains information and contacts of 200 US firms and 650 Egyptian agents/distributors for US companies operating in Egypt. An industry sector classification is also available.

Guide to Internet Job Searching, Riley, Margaret, Roehm, Frances and Steve Oserman, VGM Career Horizons, Lincolnwood, Illinois, 1996.
While using the Guide to Internet Job Searching, absolutely anyone with access to a computer can immediately conduct a timesaving, low-cost, high-impact job search. The Guide to Internet Job Searching offers you expert advice on how to find and use online bulletin boards, job listings, recruiter information, discussion groups, and resume-posting services. Furthermore, the book includes local, state-by-state, government, and international resource listings and opportunities, online career resources, specific career path information, and reviews of some of the most popular job listings and recruiting websites.

Resume MagicDiscover the Best Job For You, Krannich, Ronald L. and Caryl Rae, Impact Publication. Woodbrige, VA, 1993.
Discover the Best Job for You offers you the chance to assess your interests, values, abilities, skills, and goals. This book takes you through the process of relating information about yourself to specific jobs before going on to other job search steps that ultimately result in job interviews and offers. Discover the Right Job for You explains the job search process and guides readers to find the job that fits them.

The Resume Solution, Swanson, David, JIST Works Inc., Indianapolis, IN, 1995.
How can you write a resume that gets you results? The Resume Solution helps you to answer this question by taking you through the process of preparing a resume. This is accomplished by first introducing the readers to the basics of writing a resume. Then the book takes you to the crucial step of collecting your thoughts and explicitly explains how to “sell” yourself in a resume. Furthermore, The Resume Solution informs the readers of how to design an outstanding resume that employers want to read and that makes your resume rise above all others. Finally, The Resume Solution emphasizes the importance of cover letters and helps you to write one. The Resume Solution includes sample resumes to provide ideas for your own resumes as well as tips regarding how to get ahead in current job markets.

Resumes for Engineering Careers, Mclean, Cheryl, VGM Professional Resumes, 1994.
Resumes for Engineering Careers helps engineering students write an effective resume by first introducing readers to the fundamentals of resume writing. This book guides you step by step through the process of actually writing the resume which is illustrated by 100 sample resumes and various sample cover letters showing different styles in terms of graphic layout, presentation of information and representing people with various educational backgrounds and work experiences.

Resumes for Banking and Financial Careers, VGM Professional Resumes, 1993.
Resumes for Banking and Financial Careers helps you identify the essential ingredients of a successful resume specifically tailored for business careers. This is accomplished through guiding readers through the process of preparing your resuming from introduction to the basic elements of a good resume, to writing your resume and designing the layout. To provide better illustration of resume writing, Resumes for Banking and Financial Careers includes 100 sample resumes of real people who pursued a wide variety of jobs and careers within the business field. Additionally, Resumes for Banking and Financial Careers introduces readers to writing cover letters and provides various samples.

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