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The 101 Toughest Interview Questions… and Answers That Win the Job. Porot, Daniel; Haynes, Frances Bolles. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 1999.
In this text, career counselor Daniel Porot brings his international perspective and job-hunting expertise to bear on the topic of the dreaded job interview. The acclaimed author's international perspective and job-hunting expertise bear on the dreaded job interview by addressing 101 of the toughest questions nervous interviewees may have to face and arms them with the sure-hire answers interviewers want to hear.

Resume Magic101 Salary Secrets: How to Negotiate Like a Pro. Porot, Daniel; Haynes, Frances Bolles. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2000.
A follow-up volume to "101 Toughest Interview Questions" (available at the Career Resources Library), this guide is packed with valuable, easy-to-use tips to help you sail confidently through the most critical 15 minutes of any job-search: negotiating your compensation package. This is a pocket-sized guide to gaining immediate access to a better salary. Shows how to tackle the negotiation process and be efficient in the search, with tips on negotiating at the beginning of a new job and on getting a raise at a current position.

Job Hunting on the Internet. Bolles, Richard Nelson, 3rd ed. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 2001.
This compact resource shows you how to integrate the Internet into a comprehensive job-hunting strategy, helping you reap the best of what the Internet has to offer while staying mindful of the pitfalls of the Web. This guide has quickly established its usefulness for anyone who's taking the next logical step of job-hunting on the Internet.

Foreign Companies in the UAE 2004. London: Mermaid House, 2004.
This resourceful directory contains information on more than 6,240 contacts at 2,400 top foreign companies in the UAE. Access an elite of corporate decision-makers at leading multinational subsidiaries and joint ventures in the United Arab Emirates. Key information listed for each company includes: company name and full address and contact information, senior contact personnel, company classification by 32 major industry sectors, full description of business activity, nationality and ownership details, number of employees, establishment date and (where available) US$ sales volume, and parent head office with full contact details.

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